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The workflow automation and insights platform for commercial real estate.

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How it Works

Our workflow automation tools empower teams to streamline communication, collaborate more efficiently, and proactively manage risk across a portfolio of initiatives.

Templated Workflows

Customizable templates simplify project setup and enable benchmarking across projects.

Automated Communication

Easily configurable alerts eliminate time consuming follow-up and provide real-time project updates.

Real-Time Collaboration

Powerful task and document management keeps teams engaged and on the same page.

Streamlined Communication. Unprecedented Transparency. Actionable Insights.

Empower your team to accelerate project delivery and reduce costs with Workframe.

Optimize Project Delivery

Inefficient communication is the largest cause of schedule and budget overruns. Outdated tools make it impossible for teams to stay on the same page when managing complex schedules. Workframe significantly reduces this risk by ensuring that every team member knows exactly what they’re expected to deliver.

  • Templated workflows automatically assign critical tasks to the right team members.
  • Triggers automate notifications to team members when there’s action to be taken.
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Flexibility for Demanding Schedules

Built for professionals with demanding schedules, Workframe’s mobile app empowers you to get things done on the go. Check on project status, communicate with team members and complete important tasks whether you’re on-site or in-transit.

Stay Connected

Whether your team is large or small, local or global, Workframe ensures everyone stays on the same page throughout your most important real estate initiatives.