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Approve task chair purchase for open office
2 Days
Alexander Caldwell
Going to add 10 more of these chairs to the purchase order for final approval.

Alexander Caldwell updated this approval.
Today at 10:34 AM
Nancy Dixon
Thanks, Alexander! Will approve once I receive the final budget.

Approved Today at 11:34 AM by Nancy Dixon

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#A34 Created Yesterday by Jordan Reed
Approve final office layout
Due in 2 Days
Assigned to Essie Silva, Harvey Baldwin
Milestone: All Furniture & Equipment Design Sign Off
Located on Final Furniture Layout.dxf
Essie Silva
I think this floor plan is ok, but can we make a few adjustments to the layout of Matt’s office?
Harvey Baldwin
Hi Essie! Absolutely. Let me give you three more options for you and the team to review.
Essie Silva
Great. Once we have the finalized version we will make a decision and move forward with approval.


Real-time communication tools empower your team to get things done. Send and receive notifications around critical tasks. Communication in the context of drawings and documents means you won’t have to wait for weekly team meetings to take action.

Define parameters, discuss schedule + budget
Schematic Design
Design package for transfer to Landlord
design team
Furniture Procurement
Review & select required furniture and procure
ahead of required lead time.
#T12 Created Yesterday by Jordan Reed
Task: Prepare Schematic Design Budget
Due in 3 Days
Assigned to Alexander Calvin, John Green, +2 More
Milestone: Schematic Design
Located on Furniture Budget
Complete Task
Harriet Floyd
I’ve linked the task chair selection to the floor plan for the team to review and approve.
Richard Owens
Thanks, Harriet! We will review the pricing against our budget and make a final decision.
Ischia Task Chair - Adjustable Arms, Fabric Seat and Mesh Back
1-2 weeks
Price / Item$312.50
Estimated Total Cost$15,625.00


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